Weston Flat Top Mechanical Dial Scale, 44 Pound

Weston Flat Top Dial Scale, 44 Pound

Weston Flat Top Dial Scale, 44 Pound

The Weston Flat Top Dial Scale is one of the largest kitchen scales and can weigh up to 44 pounds. This is a very heavy duty scale that is perfect for a butcher, farmer, or someone working in a market that needs to measure out food. It can also be used at home to help weigh packages and other things that you may need to get an accurate weight on.

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It is easy to sterilize since it is made out of stainless steel and the large dial makes it very easy to read as well. It you are trying to make your own sausage or you just have larger quantities of items you need to be able to weigh out at home or your store, then this is one of the most trusted tools on the market. Many butchers and markets feature a Weston scale.

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The Key Features of the Weston Flat Top Dial Scale:

  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Cleans off very easily
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Very large weighing platform works well for small and large portions
  • Dial is very easy to read and will display 0 to 44 pound increments

The best part about the Weston Flat Top Dial Scale is that it costs about the same amount as scales that will not even measure 10 pounds for you. This is not the right scale for you if you need to be accurate all the way down to the gram, but if you need to measure items out to the pound, then you have found the perfect heavy duty scale to help you with the task you have at hand.

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A user in Kentucky says, “I have been getting into sausage making and meat curing; and really needed a good scale. After searching for awhile I came across this one. 44 pound max is more then enough, and the price is about the same for many that only max at about 5 pounds. After purchasing this here at amazon com from UnbeatableSale, which came to me very fast, I was really surprised ‘in a good way’ seeing they double packaged my order, as so the scale wouldn’t be damaged. The scale is very strong, built extremely well, beautiful stainless finish to beable to clean very easily. No sharp edges anywhere, as all corners have been sanded and buffed down with nice percision rounded edges. I tend to look for these things being a welder for 18 years.” Review Paraphrased for Size
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