Taylor 22-Pound Mechanical Kitchen Food Scale

Taylor 22-Pound Mechanical Kitchen Food Scale

Taylor 22-Pound Mechanical Kitchen Food Scale

When you need to measure larger amounts the smaller 11 pound scales just won’t cut it. You need something larger like the Taylor 22-Pound Kitchen Food Scale. This scale comes from a company with over 150 years of experience making products for measurements. It is very durable and one of the easiest kitchen scales for even the most amateur of cooks to use in their home.

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The display is very clear and easy to read. It features a clear scratch-resistant lens that will allow for viewing while the measurement wand is kept safe from damage. Clean up is quick and easy because the removable square bowl can be put right into the dishwasher while you run a wet cloth over the rest of this kitchen scale. The bowl is even designed to help prevent spillage so you have less to clean off your counters while cooking.

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The Key Features of the Taylor 22-Pound Kitchen Food Scale:

  • Weighs all the way up to 22 pounds of food
  • Large bowl included with raised edges to prevent spilling
  • Easy to view with an angled dial and clearly marked graphics
  • Scratch-resistant lens protects the face of the scale and allows for easy viewing
  • Bowl is dishwasher-safe and the glossy surface wipes clean very easily

Getting the Taylor 22-Pound Kitchen Food Scale will give you the ability to measure ingredients in very large quantities and also in smaller quantities as well. If you need more than the typically household kitchen scale allows, then you may want to consider going with a scale that can measure up to nearly double what most other kitchen scales can handle.

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Pat in Romayor, Texas says, “The scales are used to weigh farm produce, such as tomatoes, peas, okra and they are accurate and easy to use. It is easy to see the total weight and you can place larger container on the platform to contain loose produce.” Review Paraphrased for Size (More Reviews)

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