Kitrics Digital Nutrition Kitchen Scale

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Kitchen Scale

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Kitchen Scale

The Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale is perfect for those that have to or want to watch their nutrition very closely. This can help you to measure the food you are eating and find out what is in it as well. You can enter a food code from the list you get with the scale of nearly 2,000 foods to find out what is in it.

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Once you place the item on the scale and enter the code you will get an accurate weight and the nutritional facts that go with the portion you have weighed. You can even add foods to the database that are not currently in it. This can help you to tally up all the nutrients you take in each day and work towards your health goals.

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The Key Features of the Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale:

  • Computes carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, sugars, calories, cholesterol, sodium, and more
  • 1,999 foods already included in the database
  • Can store up to an additional 99 food codes
  • Scale weighs in grams or ounces and is accurate within 1 gram.
  • Can weigh up to 72 ounces or 2,000 grams
  • 2 AA batteries included with auto power off feature

Getting a nutritional scale may be the answer to the issues you have with sticking to a diet. It can help you to see exactly what you are putting into your body and this can lead to a better and healthier life. If you get the Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale you will have a tool that can help you with your diet and it can also help you to create food from the recipes you want to try.

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A user in Boston says, “I’ve had this scale for 4 months and I have lost 35lbs. I was really clueless about portion size until I got this scale. In the beginning, I used it all the time, keeping a cumulative daily total. Since I was trying to keep at 60%-20%-20% balance of carbs, fat, protein it was invaluable because I could see what I needed to get to the end of the day and stay within my diet. Believe it or not, that often meant at the end of the day I had leeway to have a (small) treat, which has kept me sane.” Review Paraphrased for Size (More Reviews)

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